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Yoni Spot

Self Care Planner (Paperback)

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Life gets busy, we have school, jobs, kids, chores and self care usually comes last. It's extra. It's given our leftover time (if we have any). This planner encourages you to intentionally make time for yourself. Inside the planner it has some fun self-care ideas that will help keep your self-care routine from becoming stagnant.

Remember that self care isn’t limited to treating yourself to a spa day or getting your hair, nails and feet done.

This Self Care Planner has activities and practices that you can engage in on a regular basis to reduce stress and maintain and enhance your short and longer-term health and well-being goals

What’s Inside:

2 Cover pages
Daily self-care planner
Weekly self-care plan
Monthly self-care tracker
Self-care focus area tracker
Self-care routines
Self-care challenge
Self-care action tracker
Period tracker
Sleep tracker
7-day habit tracker
Self-care focus plan
Meal tracker
Self-care weekly action list
Stress-free challenge
Letter to yourself worksheet
5 Minutes of gratitude
Self-reflection questions
30-Day healthy lifestyle challenge
Self-care activities chart
Gratitude practice
Self-care quiz
Self Care word search
10 Spoke wheel of life
10 Spoke wheel blank
8 Spoke wheel of life
8 Spoke wheel blank
2-Page wheel of life evaluation
3-Page Wheel of life worksheets
3-Page wheel of life questions
2-Page goal breakdown worksheet
2 Quote page
Notes cover page
Notes pages
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Set your self-care intentions and make time to achieve them!