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  • Keep Sex Sacred
  • Use natural gemstone Yoni Eggs
  • Eat health food! (Alkaline, Whole Foods, Plant-Based as much as possible...)
  • Be spiritual healthy and do Yoni meditations and Yoni breathing 
  • Be Balanced, Whole, and Live From Your Soul


  • Ignoring abnormal odor or any potential onset issue
  • Skipping appointments with your gynecologist
  • Using toxic tampons or pads
  • Douching
  • Over Eating Processed Foods and Sugar


What are the benefits of using Yoni Pearl Detox?

Detoxing is an ancient alternative medicinal practice touted as highly beneficial by the health conscious based on the premise that toxins are the root cause of all diseases. It is believed that toxins override the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms and therefore messes with its ability to function at its best.

It is said that bacteria from blood in each monthly cycle, as well as, those which cause odors can be eliminated with these pearls, leaving the lady-parts cleaner and better able to expel pesky little toxins and fluid builds which cause cysts and fibroids. Perhaps one of the most popular claims is that it tightens the vagina, and reinstates natural moisture thus resulting in an improved sex life.

Yoni Detox Pearls reportedly been known to address issues such as, ovarian cancer, fibroids, infertility, vaginal dryness, endometriosis, vaginal infections, vulvar vestibulitis and vaginal trauma.

What are the Pearls made of?

Active Ingredients:

Detox: Saffron, borneol, common cnidium fruit, Natural Indigo, Sophora flavescens,

Nourishing: Angelica, Pearl powder, Radix asparagi, Radix Ophiopogonis.

Tightening: Motherwort, Dandelion, Curculigo orchioides

Can I use them if I have a IUD?

PLEASE consult with your Womb Warrior/ Womb Wellness Advocate prior to purchase.

Can I use them during pregnancy?

NO pearls are NOT intended for use during pregnancy or breast feeding.

Can I use them during Sex?

You can NOT have sex while detoxing with pearls. Your vagina will be releasing toxins/waste. Having sex will transfer the waste to your partner during intercourse. Wait a full 48hrs after detoxing to engage in sexual intercourse.

Will the Peals Cure my STD?

The pearls do NOT cure sexually transmited diseases. They remove waste attached to the womb and dead skin cells.

I have a uterine fibroid. How can Womb Healing Pearls help me?

Uterine fibroids are noncancerous growths of the uterus that develop from the smooth muscular tissue of the uterus. Womb Healing Pearls support this issue in that the medicinal properties of the herbs will help the uterus shed the excess/non-essential tissue or cells, and any waste attached to the womb. In this case the tumorous ones.

What Should I Expect after a Womb Healing Detox Pearls?

After doing a Pearl Detox Often, there is a great deal of material that is "encrusted" to the inside of your womb, which is expelled after doing your Healing Pearl Detox.



What are the Benefits of Yoni Steaming?

Yoni steaming is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your body and reignite your vibrance. We encourage most women to try a yoni steam (aka.vaginal steam)! You are likely to see great benefit to this ancient remedy if you suffer from irregular or painful periods, infertility, uterine fibroids, perennial tears, bladder and yeast infections, vaginal or ovarian cysts, hemorrhoids or scarring from C-sections, hysterectomies and laparoscopies. Yoni steaming is also recommended even if you are not experiencing any of the above, as it is a great way to soothe and pamper yourself, and is known to relieve anxiety in women.

Can I use essential oils instead of herbs?

No. Please do not use essential oils, as they are far too strong for this purpose, having the potential to cause damage.

Can I use a Yoni Steam While Pregnant?

First and most importantly, women who are pregnant, or think there is any possibility that they might be, should NOT do any type of yoni steam. Doing so may endanger the pregnancy, as many of the herbs used can alter hormone levels and can cause contractions of the uterus. Women who have any type of internal infection (cervical, uterine or ovarian inflammation), or a fever, are encouraged not to steam until the symptoms have passed. Women also should not steam while menstruating or when open sores or blisters are present.

What herbs are typically used to steam and why?

Mugwort: In addition to fighting infection through its antibiotic and anti-fungal properties, mugwort balances female hormones and stimulates the production of hormones that help to maintain uterine health as well as protect the uterus from things such as ulcers and tumors. Mugwort steam opens the pores, allowing the beneficial herbs to penetrate into the blood stream. In addition, mugwort helps to stimulate menstrual discharge and ease cramping.

Rosemary: An aromatic and antimicrobial herb, rosemary treats bacterial infection, speeds wound healing, inhibits yeast growth, and stimulates menstruation.

Lavender: One of the most relaxing herbs we have. Lavender supports healing, and it also promotes menstrual flow.

Yarrow: Astringent, tonifying and cleansing, yarrow is great for regulating menstrual flow, treating ovarian cysts and supporting overall uterine health.

Partridge berry: Revered as a wonderful herb for the female reproductive system, partridge berry treats infertility, regulates menstrual cycles and helps decrease severe menstrual pain.

Motherwort: Astringent, tonifying and cleansing, motherwort strengthens and relaxes uterine muscles, eases uterine cramping, and may help treat uterine fibroids. Motherwort stimulates uterine tone and blood flow.

Calendula: Aids in healing of scar tissue, vaginal tears, or hemorrhoids.

Rose Petals: A relaxing, uplifting and astringent herb that is wonderful for pampering.

What Should I Expect after a Yoni Steam?

Your the menstrual cycle can and does change after doing a yoni steam. Often, there is a great deal of material that is "encrusted" to the inside of your womb, which is expelled after doing the yoni steam. The herbs have a powerful effect on the uterus, dislodging much of what is stuck. Sometimes this means your flow will be very heavy, dark and thick for just a day or two. Other times it just extends the length of your period to get it all out. Ultimately, your next periods will be much lighter and more pleasant than ever before. Other than feeling relaxed and pampered, you should not expect to see results immediately after the steam (there will be no visible discharge at the time).

How often should I do a yoni steam?

As part of an overall self-care regimen, we recommend that women steam two to three times per month, always during weeks in which you are not menstruating. Women who suffer from pain, bloating or exhaustion during menstruation should steam two to three times within the week before menstruation. Women who are experiencing fertility challenges should steam once per week, and maybe twice during pre-ovulation, to make sure that the tissue is moist and that the cervical fluids are clear and copious. They should expect to steam for three months before seeing results. For the postpartum, a yoni steam may be done three times per week for four weeks to facilitate healing and toning of the uterus and vagina (please be sure there are no open wounds and that you are no longer bleeding). Women who are experiencing or who have passed menopause should steam at least three times per year for maintenance, but may steam more often if it feels right. If your challenges are chronic, you may want to steam up to three times per week to ensure the greatest results.

I am struggling with infertility. Can yoni steaming help?

Yes! In an interview called Vaginal Steams for Preconception and Postpartum with Dr. Rosita Arvigo, she shares how vaginal steaming is beneficial for women who are trying to conceive. According to Dr. Arvigo, there may be many reasons for infertility, but one of those reasons is induration of the uterine wall. When we combine vaginal steaming with abdominal massage therapy – the deep external massage on the uterus – we have a very dynamic approach with great results (if that happens to be that issue that is causing the infertility, which it may not be). Women who are trying to conceive should steam at least once per week, other than when menstruating, for three months before expecting to see results. After vaginal steaming and the abdominal massage treatments, a woman may fall pregnant within one to three cycles.

I have a uterine fibroid. How can vaginal steaming help me?

Uterine fibroids are noncancerous growths of the uterus that develop from the smooth muscular tissue of the uterus. A vaginal steam may support this issue in that the medicinal properties of the herbs would help the uterus to shed the excess/non-essential tissue or cells, in this case the tumorous ones. Womb Wellness Steam contains Motherwort because this plant is thought to be especially useful for treating fibroids and polyps. The blend also contains calendula and pink rose petals, which serve to cleanse and nourish your healthy uterine tissue. You may try a vaginal steam to gently but effectively encourage the uterus to take care of itself.

How is vaginal steaming beneficial for women pre- or post menopause?

Women who have gone through menopause are encouragged to steam at least three times per year, especially in the year after ceasing menstruation. Doing so, women will still pass some dark colored dryish fluid each time as the uterus cleanses any leftover materials. This is not to imply that the woman's body is not capable of cleansing itself. Its just another opportunity to support our bodies cycle of self healing. Other experts, such as the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, say that vaginal steaming can help eliminate pre- or post-menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, discomfort, and pain with intercourse.

I've had a partial or total hysterectomy. Are there any benefits of vaginal steaming for me?

Yoni steaming is great for all aspects of female health, so it can still be very beneficial for you! Although all or part of the physical uterus may have been removed, the energetic center remains and can benefit from the warmth and clearing. Steaming is also great for increasing circulation, eliminating odor and eliminating bacterial infections such as yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, cervicitis and Trichomoniasis (according to the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism). Of course it is also a wonderful way to relax and pamper yourself, which is always a lovely benefit.



What are the benefits of using a Yoni Eggs

The Yoni Egg is inserted into the vagina to help boost the Kegel exercise, which in turn tones and strengthens the pelvic floor, encourages bladder control, tightens the vagina and vaginal walls, increases lubrication and sensitivity, and enhances sexual pleasure. Mentally, the exercise helps to calm and regulate the breathing, so during meditative states you are conscious of the breath but not restricted by it. Spiritually, performing the contraction and release of the yoni heightens your energetic levels as well as clearing and balancing the chakras, and gently awakening kundalini energy.

Which Yoni Egg is best for me to start with?

That is a personal question that only you can answer. You should follow your spirit and see what you are drawn too because no one knows better than your spirit what medicine you need. However, I will say many love to start with Rose Quartz, Jade or Aventurine but all in all there is no right or wrong answer.

What size is best for me to start with?

Most women start with a medium size egg. There are a few cases in which a women may start with a larger egg and this includes if she has just had a baby vaginally or has had a few children vaginally. Also women larger women and those who are over 50 may require larger eggs to start with.

Yoni Eggs mainly come in 3 sizes, Large, Medium and Small. Large is typically 40×50 mm, medium 30x40mm and small 20x30mm. When practicing with a Yoni Egg we start with a larger egg and as we progress we go down in size. The larger the egg the easier it is for us to feel and for the muscles to hold it.

Rule of thumb:

Most practitioners can start with the medium size egg. It does not matter if you are a tall woman or petite – if you did not have a baby or went through a menopause yet, most likely medium size egg is what you need. If after a month of practicing with it you still feel like a larger egg might be better for you then purchase a larger one. Come back to your medium size yoni egg in 2 weeks or when you feel ready.

How do I cleanse and charge the egg?

You want to start by cleaning it and you do that by placing it in a bowl or cup and then pour hot (but not boiling hot) water over it until the egg is completely submerged and let it sit there for a few minutes and then put it in cold water for 20 mins or so until it is completely cool to touch. It should not be hot at all. Do not boil it in a pot. Boil the water first and then pour it over the egg in a seperate cup or bowl. If you want to add your own ritual to cleanse and charge the egg please do. Stones have powerful vibrations and they can pick up your prayers and intentions. So if there is something you would like to work on you can put that intention into the water and stone as you cleanse it and charge it. You can also set your stone in the sun or moon to charge it, do what your spirit guides you to do but do not use soap on the egg.

How do I insert the Yoni Egg?

You want to make sure you are in a relaxed state. You want the larger part of the egg facing the ceiling and the smaller part of the egg facing the floor. When you feel relaxed and ready you can gently insert it in. You do not need to push it all the way up to the top just gently push it in until your muscles suck it in and it feels snug.

Can I have sex with it inside of me?

Despite what most may think, YES you can have sex with the egg inside of you. However, everyone is an individual so you should listen to your body and do what works best for you.

Can I use my Yoni Egg During my Moon Cycle? (Menstruation/period)

No it is highly recommended that you do NOT insert your yoni egg at this time. Your moon cycle is a time for releasing.